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Is a happy married life just a matter of chance? Is there a sure fire way to a happy married life? Well, who knows, the answer is different for each one of us. Why only marriage but for all things in life which involve people simple answers cannot be expected. We all are different and the way we handle situations and relationships is never going to be the same. So what are the chances of finding the perfect partner and living a happy married life?

Cost #1: An unstable mind will only make unstable decisions. Invest in yourself.

A person who is comfortable with being what he/she is, who is confident about himself/herself will most likely make the best choice of their life partner. It is a wrong idea to think that we are incomplete and the person we love will make us complete. We tend to take this ideology further and end-up marrying someone who at some point in life has given us emotional or financial support. Such a person is either a friend or financier! You need none, you need a partner for life, to share your life with. The best time to find a life partner really is when you the happiest in life and the most content with yourself. Resist the temptation of thinking the friend or financier is really your life partner. Know yourself better, invest in self improvement. A stable mind will never let you down.

Cost # 2: Love is an exhilarating feeling but unfortunately an incomplete requirement.

Being in love is bliss. Once you are married it is still blissful. But what happens when the grind of the ordinary begins. For a lasting love story love alone may be enough, but for a long lasting marital bliss, you need to be with someone who respects you, understands you and loves you, in that order of importance. It is foolish to think that respect and understanding will come with love. These are no free gifts my friend, but essentials for a happy married life. If respect and understanding precede love you have a winner.

The character Charlotte in Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ says “Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance.” How much of finding the right person is by chance? I think it is a choice. Its our unrealistic biases and temporary feelings that usually govern our choice of a life partner. Charlotte’s bias need not be yours, Austen’s book is called ‘Pride and Prejudice’ for a reason! If we know what to look for we can find it. So invest time in understanding yourself. It will help you make a better choice of a life partner, this is essential for a long lasting marriage.


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  1. Ruby Says:

    By choies l will marrige

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