If you are, short and you think that leaves you with fewer options to dress fashionably then you are sadly mistaken….you can look fashionable and trendy by picking up the right kind of clothes. Trust me it is a far easier task for short women then it is for short men!

Breaking the five myths about dressing for short women—

Myth #1: You must keep away from short dresses.

Well, that is not true, worn appropriately short dresses will make you look smarter. Else, we would not have seen so much of Sarah Jessica Parker wearing short dresses in Sex and the City!

Myth #2: You must always wear long clothes as they make you look taller.

Long clothes do not always enhance your height they might end-up hiding your body frame. This will leave nothing for the imagination!

Myth #3: Flat shoes are a no-no for you.

Given, the fact that flat shoes will show your height as it is, you should not hesitate to wear them. If you are not the most attractive woman walking on the street, it is all right! You just have to be the woman most comfortable in her shoes!

Myth #4: Short hair is not for short women.

Just like short dresses, even short hair will make you look smarter, just avoid a crop as too short may not be for you.

Myth #5: Light colours will make you look shorter.

It is not the colour but the pattern of your dress that makes or breaks the way you look.

These are my seven tips for looking smarter and attractive by dressing right for short women–

Tip #1: Wear the right shoes.

Select shoes, which show more of your feet. Shoes with slimmer straps when teamed with a high heel will give the illusion of longer legs.

Tip #2: Vertical lines are good for you.

Wearing clothes with vertical lines will make you look taller but do not overdo it. If you are wearing a vertical striped (go for thin strips) shirt then avoid wearing pants/skirts/any bottoms with vertical lines or patterns.

Tip #3: Avoid layered or too much clothing.

Wearing loose fitted clothes should be a no-no. Oversized T-shirts are not going to make you look any taller. Always wear your size. Avoid wearing jackets as they get the focus on only one-half of the body making you look shorter.

Tip #4: Heels are for you.

Wearing stilettos with straight fitting pants/denims will make you look taller. Short dresses/skirts will best suit you when worn with stilettos.

Tip #5: Long dresses with the right pattern will make you look attractive.

Wearing an off shoulder or strapless or noodle strapped long dress can make you look attractive without hiding your entire body frame. The trick therefore, is to wear long without covering the whole body.

Tip #6: V-necks will make you look smarter.

V-necks with short sleeves or in a sleeveless top will make you look smarter.

Tip #7: Thin belts are for you.

Wearing broad belts will cut the length of your body instead go for the thin belts.

So, do not think negatively about the way you look and stop at that, try some change, read, experiment and get going. This is the best tip I can give you!


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